iPhone 11 (2019) Leaks: Rumors, Specs, Release Date and Everything

Just like always, people are waiting anxiously for the launch of Apple’s 2019 iPhones. There are a lot of gossips and rumors about the features and design of upcoming iPhones. However, one of the most prominent rumors relates to the provision of triple rear cameras.

In order to give you an idea about what experts are saying or what people may anticipate from the 2019 iPhone, we have compiled a list of some of the most intricate rumors.

Camera with Three Lenses

Although of 2018 iPhone’s were too good to be true, Apple is trying to take it to the next level. Rumors are there that Apple is trying to further improve the iPhone’s camera by introducing a triple lens rear camera.

The basic feature of this camera relates to the fact that it would offer an advanced 3D sensing. Moreover, the use of stereoscopic vision would dramatically improve the resolution of the captured image.

However, this is still not obvious that which flagship model will receive a triple lens camera. Most probably, the successor of iPhone XS Max could be the right phone for this upgrade. Some experts are not approving the idea of fitting three lenses at the rear, as it may affect the aesthetic value of the 2019 iPhone.

A13 Processor

Although there is no solid reason to believe that Apple is going to use an A13 processor, you may expect a change. Apple would try to introduce a more powerful chip than the A12, which was the brain of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. If this happens, you can think about a phone with more processing power, better graphics, and unsurpassable performance.

You Won’t a get 5G Enabled Device

Samsung, LG, and OnePlus are the Smartphone makers, who are promising to offer 5G enabled phones in 2019. However, Apple is still lagging behind in this respect. According to some reports, Apple is not planning to launch a 5G enabled iPhone until 2020. However, Apple will surely offer better 4G connectivity with its next iPhone.

The reason for this delay relates to the development of iPhone’s own modem. This is going to replace the Intel modem in its handsets. Since the production of this modem is due to be finalized in 2020, Apple will still manage to persuade its customers with the 4G iPhones.

Time to Say Good Bye to 3D Touch

Apple has been offering 3D touch since the launch of its iPhone 6s. The major feature of this type of touch was its ability to give more contextual menus in the apps. But this wasn’t a popular feature among the users. This is the reason Apple has decided not to include this feature in its 2019 flagships.

Apple Pencil

Users had been expecting an Apple Pencil in their 2018 iPhone devices. However, it turns out to be a rumor that wasn’t true. However, once again, all eyes are on the iPhone 2019 devices.

According to some resources, Apple is thinking about adding an Apple Pencil support to its upcoming iPhones. Most probably, it would be a super-capacitor stylus, which is a lot cheaper option than electromagnetic-resonance technology used in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9.