iPhone 11 vs Google Pixel 4: Which Smartphone is Going to Offer a Better Design

iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 4 have technically entered into a rivalry. This is the battle, which created a sense of excitement among the consumers. Since most of the details regarding both these flagship models are still a mystery, we have managed to get a sneak peek in the design layout and patterns of these devices.

Apparently, it seems that Google Pixel is going to be a well-designed and sleek Smartphone. Nevertheless, the question arises whether it will have the design edge over the iPhone 11. In fact, the iPhone is also concerned about the design of their upcoming device. The company officials have iterated their attention to refresh the overall design of iPhone 11 to tackle the issue of dwindling sales.

To learn more which phone is going to rule the world with its unique and attractive design, let’s take a closer look at iPhone 11 vs Google Pixel 4 design battle.

Expected Design Improvements In Pixel 4

There are rumors out there that Google is trying to revamp the design of upcoming PiIxel 4. Some of the leaked photos have revealed that Google is going to take the design elements of its new smartphone new heights. Google is thinking about using more stylish and refined design patterns to give a stunning appearance to its upcoming device.

Apart from this, one thing is for sure that Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL are all set to outshine Apple’s iPhone 11, which is still lagging behind when it comes to the design. If Google successfully redesigns its Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL with a more trendy and stylish layout, it will surely gain an edge over the iPhone 11.

When taking into account the previous generation releases of Pixel, they were not impressive at all. In fact, these were the copies of Apple’s iPhone 6. On the contrary, Pixel 4 is coming out with a more cleaner look. The initial speculations give some sort of idea that what Google is up to.

We are expecting a dual punched-in front camera. Similar is the case with the camera on the back. Google is also going to introduce an in-display fingerprint scanner to offer its users a more subtle way to unlock their phones.

Design Improvements In iPhone 11

On the other hand, iPhone 11 is not going to surprise its users by including a wow factor that is not available in other flagships. Nevertheless, we can expect a feature known as ‘Cyclops’. This is basically a camera setup and nothing more.

The leaked photos reveal that the design will not be altogether different from one that we have seen in the iPhone XS 2018 model. However, Apple may realign the back camera by taking it to the center or opt for a slight reorientation.

Talking about the notches, they are going to shorten a bit to give the users a wider display. Other expected design patterns may also include, hole-punch camera, teardrop notch, and pop-up selfie camera.  So far, it appears that Google is at the edge of winning the design.